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Log by squadron and newspapers.

Campagne activite.JPG
These menus depend directly on the camp of the chosen reference pilot.



Allows to accelerate the time in order to accelerate the convalescence of a player so that he can fly again.
Specify the number of days of leave requested.

PWCG didn't do that at first. It just advanced time until you were healed.
Some time ago PWCG was changed to support coop and then to support many pilots even in single player.
It would be most upsetting if somebody was running a coop campaign and PWCG suddenly advanced time by a few months because one guy was seriously wounded.
This option ("Leave") therefore just makes it possible to advance the time if the player (s) wish it or simply let the injured pilot rest in convalescence while the others pilot the missions contunent.


Newspaper of the squadron.
You can find the detailed information of each mission carried out from the mission reports.

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This information appears per day
Click on the corresponding date on the left page to view them

Equipment Request

The equipment algorithm of PWCG does not allow me to easily ensure that there is a player flyable plane available.
The equipment request mechanism was put in place to solve the problem. You can drop an Me109 into an FW190 unit if you want. In reality, some German pilots actually did that.
PWCG offers the ability to replace any plane in your squadron with a different plane.

Campagne acivite equipment request.JPG

Campaign->Activity->Equipment Request

Choose a plane to be replaced and select the plane you want to convert it to. Now you have a plane of whatever type you want (limited by the plane actually existing at the time).
This was originally intended to allow players who found themselves in a unit with a plane they did not own to fly in that unit.
PWCG will not automatically assign this plane to your pilot , so you might (probably will) have to change planes when you generate a mission.
You can change as many planes as you want. There is a possibility of them being destroyed or even replaced, so you might have to pull them back in periodically.

Squadron log

assessment of injured, killed, lost to wounds, air to air victories, tank kills ...


Newspaper of the country of reference pilot